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The Tony Sarg Collection       
from June 23 through Sept 01 2017, 9am-8pm
curated by George Korn & Robert Frazier
artists association of nantucket
Visual Arts Gallery, 24 Amelia Drive, Nantucket MA
and the concurrent exhibition, "Tony Sarg's Illustrations", at the Nantucket Atheneum

       Anthony Frederick Sarg
was born in Guatemala in 1880. Known as Tony, the family moved to Germany in 1887. He met Bertha McGowan, an American tourist, and in 1909 they were married in her home town of Cincinnati, Ohio. Two years later they moved to England and had a daughter, Mary. In England he created broadsides for the London Underground, books, illustrations and post cards

With the advent of World War I, Tony moved his family to New York, where he did illustrations for The Saturday Evening Post, Parents Magazine, Boy’s Life, Good Housekeeping , Vanity Fair and others which bolstered his reputation in the New York art community. He had a studio in Times Square and his reputation soon soared.

While Tony Sarg was well known as a children’s book illustrator, he was the man who revived the marionette theater in America. Sarg specialized in devising animal characters to educate as well as to entertain young readers. Some of his story books were created with moveable parts, others explored history with a comic twist, giving illustrations for making toys or how to save money.

Sarg’s creative output was limitless. Sometimes compared to the artist Red Grooms, nothing was out of the question when it came to creativity., He designed jigsaw puzzles, musical blocks, and designed boxes in the style of pantry boxes.

In 1935 Tony Sarg designed the mechanically animated window displays for Macy’s Department Store. Until his death in 1942 he created new designs for Macy’s holiday windows. This was not Tony’s only connection with Macy’s, (which started on Nantucket where Murray’s Toggery is now located) he orchestrated the first Thanksgiving Day Parade as well as the  hot air balloons of fictional characters now a staple for the annual Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Sarg's oeuvre of animated movies was before Disney got involved, producing over 20 animated classics. He had marionette theatres at the Chicago and New York World Fairs in the 1930’s and his troupe performed all over the United States and was a major inspiration for Bill Baird and other 20th century American puppet masters.

Forager House has traced this unique man from his many activities in New York, his shop in New Hope, Pa and his activities in Nantucket where he and his family spent many happy summers

Tony Sarg at one time was estimated to be worth well over a million dollars, but died bankrupt in 1942 of appendicitis.

 "Tony Sarg -
 The Forager House Collection"

80 page catalogue 2013, 10 x 8"
 $55 available through Forager House
 Holiday Magazine page 37
  Holiday on Nantucket

October 1930, 12 x 9"
Map of Nantucket 1926
15 x 18"
Framed:       $1,475.00

     NY World's Fair 1939 Pictorial Map
16 pages  each 11x11"


Post Cards & Trade Cards & Books


Chicago World's Fair 1933

  A&P Pavilion where Tony Sarg Marionettes performed
  3.5 x 5.5" 

Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade
  5.5 x 3.5", postmarked


Don't Miss Your Last Train

printed in Great Britain around 1908
  5.5 x 3.5"

Bathing Time Postcards
Set of 3 printed in Great Britain circa 1900
Each 5.5 x 3.5"

Each has handwritten verse and postmarked
$125 the set

 Oh!  I Say!! Criterion Theatre
Printed in London early 1900's 3.5 x 5.5"

 Valentine's Series
Too Busy to Write

Printed in Great Britain c 1900 5.5x3.5"          $65

   Valentine's Series
In the Fields at Alford

Printed in Great Britain c 1900 5.5x3.5"
 Valentine's Series
In the Fields at Barney
Printed in Great Britain circa 1900 5.5 x 3.5"
Front Cover (left)           Back Cover (right)  
    20 pages plus covers
     1939,  11.5 x 8.5"


 Trade Card
  Taking a Trip 
for American Bank Cheques
   5.5 x 3.5"

   This Way Madam!
stage play at Queen's Theatre
Printed in London circa 1907
5.5 x 3.5"
 Punch and Judy
Forward by Tony Sarg 1929
8.5 x 5.5"

    Animal Circus Cards
Produced by National Biscuit Associates as inserts in Shredded Wheat Boxes
Each Card 4 x 7 3/8",  1940  Complete set of 36 cards
Cover Card - shown Top     Card # 35 - shown Bottom

Junior League Jubilee Program April 17, 1936
   36 pages,  11 x 8.5"
   ****    SOLD    ****
   "Where's Your Number?"
 Life Magazine Cover January 03, 1918   Magazine size 11 x 9"

Trade Card
Long Chew Gum
 4.5 x 8"  copyright 1928


 The Adventures of Christopher Columbus
   Product Announcement at left postmarked 1926  
   2 cards   3.25 x 5.5
   Front of Order form at left  
    $65 the set  

Authors League of America
11 x 8.25"

   Writing Paper for Children
  Sheets and envelopes in original box

Wrapping Paper Waxed Sheet
13 x 11"

 Nantucket Cocktail Napkins
Silkscreen on cotton   5 x 7" each napkin
Set of 8, each a different Nantucket scene

Nantucket Cocktail Napkins

    Nantucket Cocktail Napkins

   "How to Make and Operate a Marionette Theatre"
 Ladies Home Journal article Dec, 1927
 6 pages, 14 x 10.25"

 Untitled Fish Pencil on Paper
sketch is 5 x 5" on 9 x 6.5" paper signed
   Tony Sarg, Nantucket, Mass

  Tony Sarg's Marionettes
Program, March 6, 1929
Cheyenne Mountain School
9 x 4.5"

The Cock, The Mouse, and the Little Red Hen
First edition, 1907

  "What animals do cats like to catch?"
 Parents Magazine;
 January 1941;  page 60;
 original india ink on paper;  11.5 x 18"

 "Ena, Mena, Mina, Mo,
  Catch a Gander by the Toe,
  If he hollars, let him, go,
  Ena, Mena, Mina, Mo"

    The Illustrated London News
January 7, 1911;  4 pages
  16 x 11.5"
 $call for price

"Our Country Fair - or Unfair"                      2 pages Tiime Magazine;
Sarg's view of the 1938 Presidential Campaign
10 x 16"
$call for price
    Bridge Coasters
Paper, each 3" diameter
  Set of 4 -   $300

Boxes, Tea Towels, Trays
Pantry Box 
  19 x 11 x 8"

  ****    SOLD    ****
Worlds Fair Box 1939
4 x 3.25 x 2"

 Nantucket Round Box
   5.5" diameter x 5" tall
****  SOLD  ****

 Pantry Box labelled
Tony Sarg Shop,
Nantucket MA & New Hope, PA
5.5" diameter 2.25" high

     ****    SOLD    ****
 Pantry Box labelled Tony Sarg Shop on bottom
   7.75" diameter 3.5" high
 ****    SOLD    ****
Brass Box w Five Golfers etched on top 
  3.5 x  3.5 x 2" dated 1927



Map of Nantucket
Tablecloth, 1926
37 x 35"
Framed:     $1,850
****    SOLD    ****
Tea Towel
Get Up When You Want
19 x 14"

Tea Towel
  Man Reading Paper 
30 x  15"
Towel Tray
Frigate Cumberland
9 x 11"

Towel Tray
10 x 14"


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