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Peters and Reed

Peters and Reed Pottery was established by John D. Peters and Adam Reed in 1899 in Zanesville, Ohio, using the local red clay to produce a variety of wares. Their first recognized art pottery line was Moss Aztec introduced in 1912. The pattern has an unglazed exterior with designs molded in high relief and the recesses highlighted with a green wash. Only the interior is glazed to hold water. Moss Aztec was developed by Frank Ferrell who later became famous at Roseville Pottery. Other recognized Peter and Reed art pottery lines include Chromal, Landsun, Montene, and Pereco.

Peters and Reed Pottery changed its name in 1921 to The Zane Pottery Company after Peters and Reed retired and Harry McClelland became president . Many of the art pottery lines produced by Peters and Reed Pottery were continued by Zane Pottery. Zane Pottery continued in existence until 1941 at which time the company was sold to Gonder Pottery.

Peters and Reed pottery is unmarked. Zane Pottery was typically marked with an impressed logo.

Forager House is pleased to offer vintage original Peters and Reed marbelized vases from the early 1900's.

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15" high Vase
  14" high Vase
   22" high Vase
9" high Vase

 Click below to view 3-page PDF booklet showing all our Peters and Reed pottery:

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 18" high Vase
   28" Vase 2 pieces
   15" high Vase
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